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Our Players

lucky gary

One of the founding fathers. A great player who lacks something very important.

The Dealer/Crooner

Annother founding father who constantly introduces new technology to the group. #GEEK

craigey waigey

No one is really sure where the name came from but this player can hit.


More than 10 YEAR’S experience has resulted in this player being the leader of the pack.

The Champ

Spends his spare time winning poker tournaments whilst rehearsing for  Jesus Christ Superstar

Full House

Always stack em high. This is one player that the group are happy is playing in another postcode. Discord mute button is also a benefit for slow roll

We play With The Best All Around the World

“I’m never playing again . . .”

Admit it. As poker players and golfers, we can be fragile. We doubt ourselves during a bad run. We question why we’re wasting the time, effort and money with something that’s beating us up so bad. We grumble that we’re never going to play again. At the very least, we give ourselves a break and ease back into things. But we ultimately can’t stay away — and before you know it, we’re back in a groove. The momentum swings are cruel, but the thrills of the highs always seems to outweigh the distress of the lows.

Gary Trask


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