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full on poker with live chat

LGC Lockdown Poker


Before Armageddon struck, a band of faithful poker players would sit around a homemade table in the company of others (who would believe it). This is now a thing of the past and all players are now free from the possibility of the Full HOuse Fall OUt. “every cloud”.



The game is now played on laptops in kitchens, conservatories and in Full House’ case, THE SHED

Game: Pokerstars Home Game

Chat: Discord


Language Rules

All players must adhere to common decency in the presence of Seniors “knocky” and Ladies “Slow Roll”.
Swearing is only permitted after bad beats


Laptops are the preferred equipment as these can be moved from room to room when being asked nicely to do so by partners. However, if Knocky decides to join we will allow an abacus and quill



Lucky Gary

One of the founding fathers. A great player who lacks something very important.

The Dealer/Crooner

Another founding father who constantly introduces new technology to the group. #GEEK

Craigy Wagey

No one really sure where the name came from but this player can hit.


More than 10 YEAR’S experience has resulted in this player being the leader of the pack.

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Anywhere but public

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